We all wish for a healthy skin because it helps boost one’s confidence. Ayurvedic cream is the most successful and useful means for achieving this purpose. It’s time you give it a shot with this ayurvedic cream “MUSHA”. This cream is a combination of various ayurvedic remedies and ingredients that can reduce blemishes, pimples, dark circles and acts as a great moisturizer that makes a skin smooth and supple while keeping it fair. It consists of naturally extracted ingredients like nourishing properties of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Allantoin. It provides vitality to the skin and gives it a glowing even tone. Suitable for both dry and oily skin in all seasons - winter and summer.
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Human body is a complex machine; so complex that we have not yet created anything which resembles remotely to human body and its operations. To take care of such a creation, it requires a careful and precise study of drugs and medicines before putting them to general use. After all, chemical compounds are useful to human body only if used in proper proportion. Biomedica Remedies understands the sensitivity of human body and extent of attention it requires while manufacturing drugs and medicines.
Biomedica Remedies is a quite popular name among Indian Drug and Pharmaceutical Industries. Established in 1962, in Ludhiana, Biomedica Remedies has earned a respected name amongst Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters. From day one, the sole aim of the company has been to treat human body as a temple and provide quality drugs at affordable cost. We have faced many difficulties but there has not been a single day when we even thought about compromising with the quality of our products and that is the key to our success.
Pharmacy is the combination of Chemical Science and Health Science. We set out our mission with a vision in mind and that was to keep everyone healthy and safe. A safe medicine requires precise measurement of its ingredients and careful examination before opening it for export. Excess or deficiency of a single milligram of a single ingredient can lethally harm the user of the medicine. Unlike a machine, human body requires specific drugs for treatment of specific conditions. Our eye alone can be infected in a number of ways and each infection requires a different combination of chemicals with different measurements. That is where it gets tricky. The truth is that nobody on this planet completely understands the nature of human body; most of the health science is based on experiments and observations. We have left no stone unturned when it comes to research before manufacturing a product; thanks to our pharmaceutical experts. All credit goes to people working day and night in our labs, not only to ensure relief from a disease but also the total cure.
Biomedica Remedies believes in manufacturing pharmaceutical products of international quality. We follow a set of strict guidelines which are at par with international standards and as we have said earlier there is absolutely no compromise with the quality. Biomedica Remedies manufactures a wide range of drugs and medicines such as Pharmaceutical Injections, Dry Powder Injections, Sterile Dry Injections, Veterinary Injections, Medicinal Eye Drops, Medicinal Ear Drops, Skin Ointments, Eye Ointments, Skin Creams and Lotions, Pharmaceutical Syrups, Dental Products etc. Each product is designed with utmost attention for a very specific need.
Keeping people healthy is a public service in true sense and for the past Fifty two years, we are dedicating all our energies towards the better health of the people. Over the years, we have learned the expertise required for the business and Biomedica Remedies has established a name to be reckoned among hospitals, pharmacies, medial communities, and health organizations. We hope to continue doing noble work for eternity with the help of our honorable experts and pharmacists.
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